2023 3WallBall World Championships – A Player’s Perspective

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Do we think you should come to Vegas? Absolutely — we think the 2023 KWM Gutterman 3WallBall World Outdoor Championships at the STRAT is going to be fantastic! We might be a little biased, though…so here’s what Cyrus Chinoy, all-around good guy from Michigan, has to say about it.

With the upcoming 2023 KWM Gutterman 3 Wallball World Outdoor Championships, thought it would be great to share how cool this unique outdoor event is by bringing the Racquetball, Paddleball and Handball worlds together and celebrate as one big community in the always exciting land of Las Vegas.

1) Have you ever been to the 3WB Las Vegas tournament?
I have been to this very well-organized tournament a few times over the years and make it a mission to always try to attend every year. The tournament has great pro and amateur competitors from all over the world battling in multiple divisions, not to mention battle the Las Vegas hot weather.

2) What did you think of the STRAT hotel?
The iconic STRAT hotel couldn’t be anymore convenient as it is located literally right across the street from all the courts. With the very low negotiated rates, you can’t beat the proximity of the STRAT to the courts, not to mention the capability to go back to your room when you need to rest a little bit in between matches. From multiple pools, to different restaurant dining options and last, but not least, a CASINO (we are in Vegas after all), the STRAT provides a great accommodation hub for the tournament.

3) What do you think about the courts at 3WB?
I’m always amazed of the quality of the courts that Mike Coulter and his team put together each year to make this event happen. The courts are constructed in a parking lot and arranged in such an efficient fashion that allow for all racquetball, paddleball and handball players to compete in simultaneous 3-wall and 1-wall matches, not to mention spectators to watch all the great action on the courts.

4) What do you think of all of the different divisions offered?
Just like a casino in Las Vegas with plenty of game options to choose from, 3 WALLBALL does a great job in offering pro and amateur players different division options to choose from, no matter your ages or skill levels in Racquetball, Paddleball and Handball. Whether you want to test your skills and play singles, doubles or mixed doubles in 3-Wall or 1-Wall, there is a division for everyone. Not to forget our EVERYDAY HEROES (Public Service), they even have a special division to honor those brave women and men who keep our communities safe. They also offer a wheelchair division for our military veterans, who put their lives on the line to protect our country. I’m always in awe of these amazing athletes. They are truly remarkable human beings.

5) What else do you find unique about the 3WB tournament?
The 3WB event is so much more than a tourney. Other cool events during the week include the Military Racquetball Federation/Military Adaptive Court Sports Charity Pro-Am Doubles on Wednesday night, where a participant is paired up with a professional racquetball player in fun round robin play. Great to see this money go towards helping support our military veterans. Other items include the Manilla Athletics and Team De la Rosa instructional Racquetball clinics. Thursday night is always reserved for the ever popular “Ladies Night” to honor all the great lady players who compete in this great event every year. The weekend always ends with the player party on Saturday night, which helps all the players relax a bit after competing all day on the courts.

It’s just a great, well-organized event that everyone needs to attend in the always fun city of Las Vegas!

By Cyrus Chinoy

Cyrus Chinoy

Cyrus Chinoy
3WB Guest blogger