Bonus Goodies

Racquetball Videos

Finish bingeing our 3WB video gallery first, and then check out the playlists from Daily Racquetball, the LPRT, the IRT, USA Racquetball, and Racquetball Canada.

Pro Racquetball Stats

Stats on all things pro racquetball, from world championships to donuts. Seriously. There really is a donut report!

Racquetball Mags

Historical archive of racquetball publications: Racquetball Magazine, National Racquetball Magazine, Killshot Magazine, and more.

Dr. Gray's Corner

Sports medicine advice from Dr. Michael Gray, the official physician of 3WallBall.

Check Your USAR Ranking

State, national, and world rankings for both indoor and outdoor racquetball.

How USAR Rankings Work

See the FAQs to learn how the USAR singles and doubles rankings work.