LPL Financial Ladies’ Cup

The LPL Financial Ladies’ Cup is a year-long challenge series that incentivizes women to compete in our three major outdoor championships. The cup is offered in partnership with the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT) and Pro Racquetball Stats, and is generously supported by LPL Financial’s Rosco Halsey and Jason Hupp.

Competition Details

Players will accrue LPL Cup points based on their finishes in the competition events at the Beach Bash, the Huntington Beach Outdoor Nationals, and the 3WB Outdoor World Championships. Players can compete in Women’s Pro Singles, Women’s Pro doubles, or Mixed Pro Doubles. The best two results from the Beach Bash and the Huntington Beach Outdoor Nationals will be used to assign LPL Cup points. The best three results from the 3WB Outdoor World Championships will be used to assign LPL Cup points, provided that one of the results is from a one-wall division. 

Ties will be broken based on the results in
1) Women’s Pro Doubles at the 3WB Outdoor World Championships
2) Women’s Pro Doubles at the Huntington Beach Outdoor Nationals
3) Women’s Pro Doubles at the Beach Bash

If a fourth tie=breaker is needed, we shall — in true Las Vegas style — cut cards to determine the winner. In the case of an event cancellation, prizes will be awarded based of the results of the remaining events.


1st Place:
$250 and a two-night suite stay at The STRAT

2nd Place:

2024 Current Standings (post-Beach Bash)*
1. Kelani Lawrence – 306.25 points
2. Michelle Key – 255 points 
3. Jessica Parilla – 231.25 points 
4. Katharine Neils – 212.5 points 
5. Veronica Sotomayor – 212.5 points
6. Delia Silva – 150 points 
7. Chanis Leon – 142.5 points
8. Yurisleidis Allue – 105 points 
9. Maria Renee Rodriguez – 100 points 
10. Aimee Roehler – 87.5 points 

. . . 

Final 2023 Standings*
1. Hollie Scott  –  1795 points
2. Montserrat Mejia  –  1086 points
Carla Munoz  –  1003 points
4. Kelani Lawrence  –  989 points
5. Alexandra Herrera  –  708 points

Final 2022 Standings*
1. Michelle Key  –  1680 points
2. Hollie Scott  –  1190 points
3. Carla Munoz  –  925 points
4. Katie Neils  –  632 points
5. Kelani Lawrence  –  597 points

 * Interested in the standings calculation?
   View Todd Boss’ PRS spreadsheet as a Google Sheet