3WallBall Outdoor Racquetball Rules

The standard USAR Official Rules & Regulations of Racquetball will be in effect, save for the following 2 exceptions. The exceptions below supersede what is written in USAR Rule 6 for all 3WB events.

Exception 1 — to rule 6.4 (a)(1) regarding when non-serving partner may step onto the playing zone in 1 wall:

At all 3WB events, regardless of court type, non-serving partner may step onto the playing zone once server strikes the ball.

Exception 2 — to rule 6.4 (g)(2) regarding short line judges:

3WB will only use the short line judge for the following two tasks:
1. Yell SHORT and stop play when appropriate.
2. Give opinions when asked on 2 bounce calls.

There are an additional 6 elements of USAR Rule 6 that historically have been variably interpreted and enforced. Our clarifications of these elements are as follows, and the rules in question will be enforced according to these clarifications at all 3WB events. 

Please note that the interpretations below are additions to and clarifications of the existing verbiage in USAR Rule 6, and are not intended as replacements or supercedures of that verbiage.

Interpretation 1, of rule 6.2 regarding court markings/ drive serve zone line:

USAR rule 3.6 regarding drive serve zone still applies even though the courts may not be marked with drive service lines. This applies to all court sizes: short wall, long wall and one wall.

Interpretation 2, of rule 6.4 (a)(1) regarding persistent not checking receiver:

Ref should always give at least one warning before a loss of serve is awarded. 

Interpretation 3, of rule 6.4 (a)(4) regarding servers partner position in back of court:

If a non-serving partner stands at the back of court and causes a hinder, it is a loss of serve, not a replay. There may be an occasion when a player held up for safety BUT – ref did not feel it was a hinder. Ref may allow for a replay in that scenario. “I’ll give you a replay on that because you held up, but next time you need to safely take that shot. You had room.”

Interpretation 4, of rule 6.4 (c)(2) regarding bevels:

None of our courts have beveled edges. Does not apply.

Interpretation 5, of rule 6.4 (d)(2) regarding stationary crowd and hinders:

Ref should yell OUT OF PLAY and stop play when ball crosses into stationary crowd. A seated spectator is considered stationary, even if they flinch etc. The ball is dead, players should not put the crowd at risk. People walking through and players from adjacent courts are NOT part of the stationary crowd and may cause a hinder.

Interpretation 6, of rule 6.4 (e)(4,5,6) regarding 1 wall hinders during play and backswing:

Simply put: When defender takes away an obvious (if ref’s opinion) offensive shot, it is a penalty on the defender. Otherwise, if all acting in good faith – replay.