2023 King of the Court

Racquetball Royalty: Classic Racquetball Legends in the House!

We are excited to announce that a number of true racquetball legends will be in attendance at the 2023 KWM Gutterman 3WB Multi-Sport World Outdoor Championships at THE STRAT. We will host not only some of the best Indoor and Outdoor players of all time, but also some of the most influential leaders to shape the game and its history. The lineup is truly epic: as of July 12, it includes Charlie Brumfield, Woody Clouse, Ruben Gonzalez, Mike Guidry, Bret Harnett, Marty Hogan, Craig ‘Clubber’ Lane, Steve Lerner, Hank Marcus, Sudsy Monchik, Dave Negrete, Scott Oliver, Todd O’Neil, Dave Peck, Gerry Price, Mike Ray, Robert ‘Iceman’ Sostre, Cliff Swain, and Rich Wagner. 

A King Among Men

The King of the Court division at the 2023 KWM Gutterman 3WB World Outdoor Championships will be an instant classic. Spectators will see epic racquetball matches played by a heavy-hitting ensemble of players from racquetball’s heyday.  

King of the Court is a dynamic, multi-round, doubles-based Round Robin bracket that pairs each player in the division with every other player in the division. Scores are kept individually, with only the highest scoring players advancing to the next round. (See explanation on R2.)

Guaranteed to be a fan favorite, the King of the Court bracket will feature excellent players — many of them stars, some among the best racquetball players of all time, all of them legends of classic racquetball.  

The Competitors

How The Competitors Stack Up

We think this one is too close to call, even for the odds makers in Vegas. Every one of these guys is a threat when he steps on the court. 

Want to see for yourself? Head on over to Pro Racquetball Stats and check things out. 

Legends of Classic Racquetball King of the Court flyer

Flyer Credit
Mike Augustin

Competitors’ Panel Photo Credits
Mike Augustin: Bret Harnett, Craig ‘Clubber’ Lane
Rick Bernstein: Ruben Gonzalez, Marty Hogan
Belinda Dettman: Mike Ray, Cliff Swain
Stephen Fitzsimons: Robert ‘Iceman’ Sostre