Find Local Courts

This page will help you find outdoor and indoor racquetball courts throughout the US.

This is an embed of the World Outdoor Racquetball courts map available from USA Racquetball. The map marks all of the court locations listed on the Master Outdoor Courts spreadsheet, which is maintained by Bill George.   

If would like a copy of the master spreadsheet or know of an outdoor venue that needs to be added to the map, please visit USA Racquetball’s WOR Court List page

The best resource for finding indoor courts JT’s Daily Racquetball site.

Click on a state on Daily Racquetball’s Where to Play Racquetball page to find: 

  • an interactive state map
  • links to the state racquetball association
  • links to relevant Facebook pages and discussion groups
  • a plain text list of all clubs that appear on the map
  • links to most of those clubs