MACS Charity Pro-Am Shirt Sponsor —

MACS Charity Pro-Am Shirt

We would like to thank our friends at for designing and donating the shirts for the Military Adaptive Court Sports Charity Pro-Am at the 2023 KWM Gutterman 3WB World Outdoor Championships at THE STRAT. 

Featured at our premiere tournament in Vegas every year, the MACS Charity Pro-Am benefits the MACS Racquetball Rehabilitation Clinics held throughout the country. These clinics support veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), amputation, Spinal-Cord Injuries (SCI), and substance/alcohol abuse due to the negative effects of combat. If you would like to learn more about — or, even better — play in the Pro-Am, please see our informational flyer

In addition to being the shirt sponsor for the MACS Charity Pro-Am, has also partnered with us to create our 2023 3WB Commemorative Breast Cancer Awareness Shirt. This shirt will not only raise awareness for breast cancer, but will also help support those fighting it: a portion of the proceeds will go to the Patient Assistant Fund at Robert Wood Johnson Cancer Center. Hop over to the product page on to learn more and order yours.

Note: we are planning a tournament-wide group photo on Friday, September 29 to raise awareness for breast cancer. Watch our website and socials for more info, coming soon!