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Pro Racquetball Stats is an online historical reference site and match database for professional and major amateur tours. Started in 2000, it tracks professional racquetball matches dating to the early 1970s and contains more than 49,000 match results across more than 5,100 tournaments and counting. The website supports more than 140 different reports that query this data, enabling a rich and comprehensive data analysis of match statistical data. We have singles and doubles data for IRT, LPRT, WRT, IRF, WOR, Juniors, and Amateur nationals results for the major racquetball playing countries.

Todd Boss is the creator and maintainer of the site. He is a Database Consultant in the Washington DC area, a long-time racquetball club pro, a member of the USA Racquetball Board of Directors, and currently in injury-induced retirement from playing the sport. His career professional record is an impressive 0-3.