Rick ‘Sodaman’ Koll

Trading Card created by Mike Augustin

Brief Bio

Joined Team 3WB: 2010
Currently resides in: Las Vegas, NV
College: University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Hits: Right
Sponsored by: Soda Man Vending; Gearbox; 3WB

Outdoor highlights: 5x 3WB Pro Mixed Doubles Champion; 3x 3WB CPRT Champion; 2x 3WB Open Champion; 4x 3WB Cup Champion
Indoor highlights: 10 USRA National Doubles Championships; first ever 3WB Indoor and Outdoor Superbowl Doubles Champion

When not playing racquetball: Hitting the gym and running several businesses
Fun facts: Worked as a farmhand for eight years while growing up in Midwest; was a 340 lb. body builder; did a quick stint with WWF wrestling; was a multi sport athlete in college and a semi-pro baseball player 

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