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until the 2024 KWM Gutterman 3WB World Outdoor Championships in Vegas

July 12-14
Marina Park
Huntington Beach, CA

3WallBall Premiere Tournaments

Beach Bash court venue in Hollywood Florida - photo by Rick Bernstein

Occurs in March at the Garfield Street Historic Handball Courts in Hollywood Beach, Florida.

Offers pro and amateur competition in
1-Wall Racquetball
1-Wall Paddleball 

Claim to Fame: Location
Located only steps away from the ocean on Hollywood Beach, the Beach Bash has been described as the Spring Break of Outdoor Racquetball.

Carla Munoz - photo by Jeff Kettering

Occurs in July at Marina Park in Huntington Beach, California. 

Offers pro and amateur competition in 
3-Wall Racquetball
3-Wall Paddleball

Claim to Fame: Longevity
Held annually at Marina Park since 2006 but tracing its roots back to the mid-70’s, the Huntington Beach Outdoor Nationals is the Granddaddy of Outdoor Tournaments.

Aerial view of the 3WallBall World Outdoor Championships courts at the Strat

Occurs in September at the 3WB Court Complex across from The STRAT on the world-famous Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Offers pro and amateur competition in
3-Wall and 1-Wall Racquetball
3-Wall and 1-Wall Paddleball
3-Wall and 1-Wall Handball 

Claim to Fame: Spectacle
The 3WB Court Complex, constructed every year for the Vegas World Championships, is well at home among the many other man-made wonders that dot the Las Vegas Strip. 

Curious about the the Court Complex we build for our World Championships tournament in Vegas?

Read the ‘If Our Walls Could Talk‘ feature for surprising facts about the courts, behind-the-scenes info about the Build Team, and day-by-day photo galleries that document our 2023 build and tear down.  

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