3WallBall Time Capsule

Take a stroll down memory lane as you scroll through our time capsule. 

USS Bonhomme Richard

In 2008, World Outdoor Racquetball partnered with USA Racquetball and the Military Racquetball Federation (now Military Adaptive Court Sports) to build a portable racquetball court on the USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego. 

On November 12, ten of the top professional racquetball players — Alvaro Beltran, Rocky Carson, Chris Crowther, and Jason Mannino from the IRT; Angela Grisar and Rhonda Rajsich from the WPRO (now LPRT); Bret Harnett and Jimmy Lowe from the CPRT; and Craig Lane and Greg Solis from WOR — played a racquetball exhibition for the ship’s crew.    

As he watched the exhibition, Mike Coulter reasoned to himself: if they  built a court on a ship, what if he built ten courts in a parking lot? 

And thus the idea for 3WallBall and the Vegas World Outdoor Championships was born. 

3WallBall Multisport World Outdoor Championships

3WallBall was founded in 2010, and we held the first World Outdoor Championships tournament that same year. The Championships take place at our one-of-a-kind court complex, which the 3WB construction team builds every year in the parking lot of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, located right on the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. The competition at the Championships features the best professional racquetball, handball, and paddleball players in the world, and the tournament has become a regular destination for thousands of athletes and fans throughout the years.

Our World Outdoor Championships event programs contain photos, bios of top athletes, ads for the latest and greatest products, yearly and cumulative 3WB tournament results, and more!